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Introducing Kiko

Kiko is the world’s first total growth management solution. Consisting of a laser height measurer paired with a digital scale that enables you to keep track of children’s growth with the app.

Now you can conveniently monitor your child’s height and weight and track the healthy growth of children at home from infancy to adulthood.

Height Measurer

Smart Scale


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Easy To Use

If you have a Kiko Height Measurer, simply place the device on your child’s head. One push of the button and you're done! Just 1 second! Easy peasy.

Kiko will subtract the measured values from the initial setting and the height measured from your child’s head for a precise measurement.

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Kiko Height Measurer has a compact design allowing you to easily measure your children’s height anywhere in the house.


Get off the wall! No more height charts, messy wall markings or going to the doctor to check your height. You can do this all at home.  


Kiko comes with built-in auto-calibration technology. Therefore, any shaking, wobbling or learning inclinations that may occur while measuring is automatically corrected within a ±5° range to maintain accuracy. 

laser stadiometer

Kiko Laser
Height Measurer

Kiko accurately and conveniently measures height with its built-in laser technology. Instead of using conventional methods that are inaccurate and a hassle to use. 

smart scale

Kiko Smart Scale


Along with weight, Kiko Smart Scale also measures body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, water, protein and basal metabolism through four circular electrode plates on the scale.

You can monitor your child’s 8 body compositions easily in a single measure.  


Kiko Application


management solution


Your smart device can receive data from both Kiko Laser Height Measurer and Smart Scale via Bluetooth. All the data can be accessed through the application.

The Kiko application analyzes how your kids are growing with help from the World Health Organization database (WHO). Your child’s data is compared and displayed through charts and graphs. The app also provides monthly Growth Reports to help you manage your children’s health month-to-month.



You can track your child’s growth by recording the data measured by the Laser Height Measurer and Smart Scale. Based on the height, weight and BMI data, the Kiko Smartphone application will help you monitor your child’s physical development with ease.

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Our Value

Growth problems such as childhood obesity and stunted growth are still a concern for parents. But, it is difficult to do regularly check-ups at home.

So, parents must depend on other hospitals, clinics and clinical institutions to track these important health concerns.

We made Kiko to transform the way you care for your children’s health at home. With Kiko, you can keep regularly track and monitor your children are growing okay at home with clear standards.

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