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Introducing Kiko

KIKO is the world’s first set of measuring instruments consists of laser height measurer paired with digital scale that enables you to keep track of your child’s growth. 

Now you can conveniently check the accurate figures of your child’s height and weight through your smartphone application and take care of your child’s health without cumbersome manual labor.

Laser Height Measurer

Smart Scale



Kiko Laser

Height Measurer

Let us introduce Kiko Laser Height Measurer. Kiko Height Measurer makes it unique compared to the analog stadiometer.

Be ready for some awesomeness this “Laser” bring us.



Place Kiko on your kid’s head and push it down softly. Done! You can acquire correct height in a second.


Kiko use laser to calculates kid’s height by subtracting the value from the head to the ceiling from ceiling height. Your kids can also measure their height by themselves because it’s easy to use.


Kiko stadiometer is very small and light.


It allows you don’t have to let your kids stand beside the wall to measure height or see a doctor. You can measure your kid’s height everywhere in your home.


No more draw a line on the wall and see a doctor for your kid’s body check. 

You can do it at your house!


Kiko is equipped with Auto Calibration Technology that compensates for any skews or tilted angles in tolerance range of ±5°.

First, Kiko's gyroscope sensor calculates the angle of inclination. Then the Auto Calibration Technology compensates the angle and corrects it to the correct vertical value. Measurement errors are therefore limited to ± 0.06 inches (1.5mm), even when a child keeps moving and the measurement is shaky.


Kiko Smart Scale

Along with weight, Kiko Smart Scale also measures the body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, water, protein and basal metabolism through four circular electrode plates on the scale.

Hence, you can check your child’s health with many different figures with a single measure.


Kiko Application

Your smart device can receive data from Kiko Height Measurer and Smart Scale via Bluetooth in real time. All the data can be recorded and managed through this application.


Kiko application analyzes whether your kids are growing well or not compared with WHO statistic chart and provides Monthly Growth Report to help managing your kid’s growth regularly.



You can track your child’s growth by recording the data measured by the Laser Height Measurer and Smart Scale. Based on the height, weight and BMI data, the Kiko Smartphone application will help you monitor your child’s physical development with ease.

Our Value

There are so many height measurements and scales in the world. But, every products connects with its own application and users have to integrate them by themselves.  


Kiko is the only integrated growth management solution which can manage kid’s growth with an application by measuring kid’s height, weight and physical data through Laser stadiometer and smart scale.

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